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Facial Etiquette

Tip #1 Avoid using exfoliating products at least four days before your skin treatment.

Since most facial treatments include exfoliation, you don’t want to over-sensitize your skin. You should avoid using any scrubs, acids, or retinol products beforehand. Note: if your skin is sunburned or any irritation is present, you should reschedule for a later time.

Tip #2 Come with a fresh face! That means, no makeup. 

A fresh face gives us more time to tackle your problem areas. However, we understand that it's not always possible, in which case, we kindly ask that you try to avoid using waterproof mascara on the day of your appointment. 

Tip #3 Men should shave the morning of their facial appointment.

Shaving the morning of your appointment ensures smooth skin to ensure this area of the face gets the attention it needs. While shaving is a form of exfoliation, and most facials will include exfoliating treatments, men have thicker skin, so concern about sensitivity isn’t as much of an issue.

Tip #4 Be prepared to discuss your top three skin care concerns.

Your facial will include a consultation prior to your treatment, and in order for you to get the most benefits from your facial experience, you should think beforehand about the top three most important priorities for your skin. This will allow your esthetician to be able to customize your treatment or recommend the best facial.

Tip #5 Bring along your current skin care products.

Depending on the skin care spa or facility, many estheticians find it very helpful to see what you’ve been using on your skin. But it’s also beneficial to the client to get expert advice from their skin care professional to determine if their current products are addressing their most important skin care concerns. You’ll want to call ahead of time to find out if the esthetician has the extra time to go over your products with you (sometimes they have to schedule it in) and if they encourage this.

Tip #6 Be prepared to turn off your cell phone.

To ensure your best facial experience, and the time spent with your skin care professional, it’s important to not just turn your phone on vibrate, but turn your phone off. There’s nothing more disruptive than a phone ringing or vibrating. Certainly in some instances, people have to keep it on, just in case their babysitter calls or something comes up, but generally, a facial room should be a no cell phone zone.

These are general guidelines to ensure a good experience for your professional facial treatment. Now settle in, relax, and be well on your way to beautiful, glowing skin!

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