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Dermalogica Facials

Customized skin care on your time!

Face Mapping

15 minutes/on us!

Your skin is more unique than you think. Receive a skin analysis and have a conversation with a Skin Therapist to  identify the best products and routine to achieve your skin health goals! 



15 minutes/$15

A 10-minute, results-driven treatment using our innovative products for glowing skin in a hurry.

Youth Facial (15 + under)

20 minutes/ $25

A customized, no fuss facial designed to treat hormonal skin issues, congestion & breakouts, maintain clear skin while boosting confidence 


ProSkin 30

30 minutes/ $45

A time-tailored treatment designed to target your top skin concerns in a snap! 

ProSkin 45

45 minutes/ $65

A personalized treatment, designed to address your skin needs using professional products and technology, helping you achieve your healthiest skin ~ recommended for new clients looking to treat more than one skin concern or clients looking for regular skin maintenance in under an hour

ProSkin 60

60 minutes/ $80

A customized treatment, guaranteed to take you on the ultimate journey to healthier-looking skin!

Digital Detox ProSkin

60 minutes/$85

The Digital Detox was driven by the power of human touch aimed to undo the damage that technology can cause on your complexion. That means tech neck, the effects of blue light, and facial tension that comes from screens.

Advanced ProSkin

60 minutes/ $100

A concentrated customized 60-min treatment designed for challenging skin issues using powerful serums, peptides, technologies and professional grade masques to treat various skin conditions on a deeper level.

Microdermabrasion + ProSkin 30

30 minutes/$75

This high-tech treatment incorporates microdermabrasion to resurface the skin, reducing pore visibility, uneven skin tone and sun damage. Microdermabrasion increases product effectiveness with concentrated ingredients

Microdermabrasion + ProSkin 60

60 minutes/ $100

This high-tech treatment incorporates microdermabrasion to resurface the skin, reducing pore visibility, uneven skin tone and sun damage + the relaxation of your traditional facial

Pro Power Peel 30

30 minutes/$80

Ideal for problematic skin, a customized peel using highly active Salicylic or Glycolic acid to target signs of acne, hyperpimentation and/or premature skin aging

Pro Power Peel 60

60 minutes/$115

Ideal for problematic skin, a customized peel using highly active Salicylic or Glycolic acid to target signs of acne, hyperpigmentation and/or premature aging + the relaxation of your traditional facial

Microdermabrasions & Pro Peels available for a Series Purchase - Buy 4, get the 5th for free

Touch Therapy

Submerge your senses with touch therapy for total relaxation!

Touch therapy options include:
stress relief/back
deep tissue/face and shoulder
reflex point/feet
nap time/all over


15 minutes each / $15.00

While no one knows your skin better than your dermalogica skin therapist, only you know how you feel. That's why you can customize your dermalogica skin & body treatment with your choice of touch therapy, 15 minutes of extra attention where you need it most!

For the Body

Purifying back facials/ Aromatherapy

Purifying Back Facial 

30 minutes/ $55

60 minutes/ $90


Designed for the hardest place to reach on your body... your back!

Whether you're in a hurry or in the mood for total indulgence, each treatment includes our signature double cleanse and dermal layering


30 minutes/ $50

60 minutes/ $80

Submerge your senses with aromatherapy.  This therapeutic treatment is the ultimate experience in relaxation, our customized blend of essential oils is guaranteed to calm the mind, and relieve tension from the body

Manicures & Pedicures

Classic/Express/Veneer/A la cart + Add Ons


Hydrating Manicure with Paraffin (no polish)

65 minutes/ $35

Ideal for dry cracked hands and brittle nails


50 minutes/ $25


Express Manicure

30 minutes/ $22

Express Veneer Manicure

50 minutes/ $30

Veneer Manicure

60 minutes/ $35


Hydrating Pedicure with Paraffin (no polish)

75 minutes/ $49

Ideal for tired sore legs, dry cracked heels, thick cuticles and calluses



60 minutes/ $39


Express Pedicure

35 minutes/ $30

Express Veneer Pedicure 

55 minutes/ $40

Veneer Pedicure

1 hour 10 minutes/ $49

Hands & Feet

Hydrating Manicure & Pedicure with Paraffin (no polish)

2 hours 15 minutes/ $82.00

Perfect for someone looking for an ultimate relaxing experience! 

Ideal for tired, dry, sore and cracked hands, feet & nails 

Express Hydrating Manicure & Pedicure with Paraffin (no polish)

1 hour 25 minutes/ $74.00

Manicure & Pedicure

1 hour & 55 minutes/ $62

Express Manicure & Pedicure

65 minutes/ $50

Express Veneer Manicure & Pedicure

1 hour & 15 minutes/ $70 

Veneer Manicure & Pedicure

2 hours 15 minutes/ $82.00

A la Cart/ Add On

Polish Change + Nail Shaping 

20+ minutes/ $18 hands $20 feet

Just Veneer + Nail Shaping

30+ minutes/ $22 hands $25 feet

Free Hand French Tip

12 minutes/ $7

Hydrating Paraffin

15 minutes/ $12.00

Veneer Removal (or removal of other semi permanent polishes such as shellac)

20+ minutes/ $13 hands $15 feet

Complimentary for returning Vaidosa guests

Waxing + Tinting

Face/ Body/ Bikini/ Excelled Healing with High Frequency

Middle Brow



Brow Clean Up



Brow Reshaping



Brow Make-over

(reshaping + tinting) 



Brow Clean Up + Brow & Lash Tinting



Brow Tinting



Lash Tinting


Brow & Lash Tinting


Lash Lift


Lash Lift + Tint






















Face Combo 1 


(brow clean up + lip + chin)

Full Face Combo 2 


(same as above + cheeks + neck/forehead)






Half Arms


Full Arms (includes knuckles)



Hands & Knuckles











Chest + Stomach + Shoulders


Lower Back $18.00


Full Back


Full Back + Neck + Chest + Stomach + Shoulders


Lower Leg (up to the knee, includes feet & toes) 


Half Leg (from knee to thigh, up to bikini brief)



Full Leg (includes feet & toes)


Just Back of legs (hamstring + inner thigh area)


Feet + Toes


Bikini Area



Bikini Brief


Bikini Brief + Gluteal


Bikini Brief + Full Leg


Bikini Brief + Gluteal + Full Leg


Contoured Bikini



Contoured Bikini + Gluteal



Contoured Bikini + Gluteal + Full Leg


Brazilian (includes gluteal)



Brazilian (incldues gluteal)+ Full Leg


Body Combo

(underarms + bikini g + just back of legs +  lower legs)


The Works

(face combo 1 + underarms + brazillian + full leg)


Excelled Healing With High Frequency

Recommended for sensitive skin types prone to redness and/or breakouts 

Quick Zap

starting from 5 minutes/ $5+


Includes High frequency & redness relief essence

Ultimate Cool Down

Starting from 15 minutes/ $15+


Includes high frequency + cold stone + calming masque + calming mist

Microblading + Microneedling + Brow Henna

Specialty Services with Brow Savvy


Micoblading Consultation

30 minutes/ On us!

Eyebrow Microblading

approx 1 hr 30 minutes/ $550 price may vary

Brow Henna

50 minutes/ $40

Brow Lamination






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